I don’t understand how people can run in heels. I can barely run in running shoes.

New hair pros:

  • People no longer comment that I look tired all the time
  • My hair isn’t IN MY FACE half the day
  • I can no longer be mistaken for Chewbacca. Despite noises I may or may not make when angry at the world.
New hair cons:
  • I HAVE to get up at 6 am if I want to have enough time to force my hair into submission – I need every minute I can get.
  • …no, you know. That was it. This style is supercute and I look fab in it. The fact that it actually takes me half an hour to blowdry my hair has little to do with the STYLE and a lot to do with the fact that my hair is some sort of alien entity glued to my scalp.
I promise, that proper post about my trip to the hairdresser is coming! But, you see, there’s this new girl in my life now.
Or, to be more precise – she will hopefully enter my life in a couple of weeks. If everything goes as it should.
May I present Katla, (Okay, the name’s not 100% decided yet. We’ll see where we end up!) your future Queen:

So cute. Sooooo cute.

Okay, I know those who follow me on Twitter have seen her already, but I DON’T CARE. She’s awesome, so there. And the main reason behind suddenly being too busy – I have to puppy-proof my apartment, and make a sufficiently big buffer for 4th Wall!
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I can write if I want to!

There’s this thing I do, when it comes to blogs.

I start up, spending ages picking a name, fussing over the tiniest detail in the design, and spend so many hours writing down potential topics. For a few weeks, everything’s great. I post regularly. I tend to the comments-page like it was a pretty little plant I need to keep alive.* I browse other blogs, I write, I discuss and I feel accomplished.

I mean, I’m a blogger now. I’m doing it, and doing it right. Just look at those post. And I even have subscribers.

Then, inevitably, my interest gets diverted. Something pops up at work, there are exams, I get busy with something else, and thus I run out of original new posts. Trying to get back in the game gets harder and harder, and every post I write feels inherently wrong. This isn’t new! This isn’t relevant! Nor is it interesting! And that other blogger over there, who writes like he has a squadron of muses sitting around him, he already wrote about this, from this exact angle!

The situation takes a turn for the worse. My posts turn emo. Every one of them is a very misunderstood fifteen-year-old, complete with long bangs covering the eyes. They sulk at me, bang metaphorical doors and do their very best to make me hate them. These posts don’t even get published. I cringe when I reread them, and slink away with my tail between my legs.
A month or two later the blog sits there, alone. Abandoned. Nobody remembers it anymore, and nobody loves it. The comment-section is as dead as most of my plants are. I’ve forgotten the log-in info, and can’t be bothered to try to retrieve it.
Not this time. I might not be an accomplished blogger now, but by god – I draw a webcomic. It has comments. Subscribers. The comment-section grows like a tiny little jungle! It even has regular updates! I should be able to do this – I am more than a girl with the ability to draw. I can use words, can’t I? Damn right, I can. I can write.

Maybe not well, not yet, but we’ll get there. Eventually.

I’ll even try to lock up the gaggle of emo-girls, just for you guys.
…funny enough, my brain is now trying to tell me that I should not post this, under any circumstance whatsoever. There are no pictures! There are horrible spelling mistakes! It’s not even a post, it’s just an explanation of how I blog and not blog! I will not, however, be fooled. I have a strict new rule: everything gets posted.


Yes, even those posts, horribly embarrassing as they might be.

And just because I can, I might write two posts today. Hah. Take that, brain.

And apparently I can’t wordpress. I can’t get the post formatted the way I want it to, (thus the big blocks of text trying to eat your eyes.) my header stopped working properly and I’ve no idea how to set this straight. Oh, wordpress, why do you confuse me so? Help?

*Everyone knows you need plants in case of zombies. It’s important to keep your plants happy, people. Talk to them. Love them. Be one with the plant.


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Moving, part two: the House of my Dreams

This whole moving-thing, it’s pretty much all I think of these days.


Well, except comics, which seems to have gotten a big portion of my brain just for their own use, of course, and Dragon Age 2 – and I’ll admit that most of what I think about that game is “I MISS ALISTAIR OHMIGOD I WANT ALISTAIR BACK WHERE THE HELL IS MY ALISTAAAIR D:” over and over again.


Occationally I also go “Damnit, I wish Garrus was here.”



Anyway, house. Looking for. This is hard, you know? There are so few places in our price-range, and we don’t want to buy a place that’s already gotten a lot of debt. We don’t want much – just to be close to nature, have enough room for both our desks and a dog or two.


I, of course, found my dream-house two minutes after logging on the day we started considering buying:



All I have to do NOW is convince the Boyfriend that he, too, wish to live in a cabin-esque place, 40 minutes away from town.

Piece of cake, right?


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Observations made about trying to find a new place to live:

  • Leaving your roomies is heartbreaking.
  • Finding a place in this town where you can actually keep a dog is…hm. A bit like trying to walk straight in a storm. Like the kind we have now. Pretty much impossible, in other words!
  • I’m in love with a house on the outskirts (Okay, that’s a lie – it’s 30 mins from town, that’s no longer “the outskirts”, but “fucking Narnia if you want to see your friends”. ) of town, that’s a bit under 2 million NKR, but it’s soooo pretty.
  • Did I mention leaving your roomies is heartbreaking?
  • Planning to see a movie with your friends is also pretty hard, as you never know when you suddenly have to go off and look at a place. These people renting out apartments are apparently very fickle when it comes to setting a time. We’ve only rescheduled this one place four times now.
  • Not knowing where you’ll live in half a year is actually kind of fun.
  • Contemplating leaving this city is both really exciting and very scary. Who will I meet up with at cafès? Do they even HAVE coffeeshops in this godforsaken place my boyfriend wants us to move to? I doubt it.

This is me, trying desperately to actually post something. Preferably while avoiding sounding like a fourteen year old goth-girl.


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Fun Things About Taking Over Your SO’s Job

So this new job of mine…it used to be my boyfriend’s.


This has led to some hilarious moments, namely

A) Boyfriend realizing that male students who were always grumpy when he worked here, are happy and polite towards me.

B) Me getting asked by female students if the guy who used to work here has quit, while they make sad eyes. They’re also a lot grumpier towards me than they’re towards him.


And now I realize this could be interpreted as one of those “omfg goddamnit other girls like my boyfriend too how dare they must kill burn destroyyyyy”-posts. Let me assure you it’s not – I just find it funny the attitude of the students have shifted around since I started working here.

Clearly, we need to team up and both be here to ensure nothing but happy people coming by.



(Also, Rift! Yaaay!)

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So as many of you know, if you follow me on twitter, I recently applied for a new job. It’s pretty much your standard “answering phones and helping out people”-kind of thing,  every weekday. Thanks to having some pretty extensive earlier experience, as well as getting a fabulous recommendation from my superawesome boss, I got it.  (In fact, I was woken up at 8 this morning with a phonecall going “Job’s yours! Can you come down now?”)

In addition to working at this place, I’ll still be at my Temple of Chaos bookstore every saturday and thursday afternoons.

This..pretty much means I’ll be working about 50 hours a week, and then there’s the 8-16 hours I spend drawing up the two Fourth Wall-comics.

I’m a bit nervous. Apparently I plan on either dropping sleeping, or not see my friends at all. But, you know, it’s for a good cause! Even if it means we’ll have to postphone launching the second comic – no way am I going to be able to spend 10 hours-ish a week on that as well. Not quite yet, anyway.

But I will be able to save up for important things. Like maybe ditch my silly glasses and get proper lenses. Like investing in a Cintiq. Like getting enough to buy dog.

Five points to you if you guess which one of those alternatives is the major reason I’m doing this.


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Sunday Art-Post

Continuing on my “I’m not sure how to blog, so I’ll toss art at you to distract you from the lack of proper words”-trend: have some old sketches! Occasionally I try to livestream my art – something that usually results in Painter trying to die on me (and the last time I did so, it corrupted my file and ruined four hours of work. Yayyy.). This was done a few months ago, but considering most of my “current” artprojects are all comics that will be up on the real site one day soon, I see no reason to post THEM here.


Unless you want the pink sketches I do in the beginning when I plan the layout. Mostly they’re just random shapes, with the occasional mockery of Mitsune thrown in.


While Livestreaming, drawing cutesy things for your roomies is an excellent way of having them fetch you drinks and snacks.


And do you see what I mean about worgens? WORGENS EVERYWHERE. D:


One of these days I’m going to draw something else. I swear.


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Worgens everywhere! Run for your life!

Okay, so starting to write about something that’s not related to A) the current Fourth Wall-strip or B) World of Warcraft, it’s hard.

I mean..I’ve kept a Livejournal for most of my “adult” life – in fact, pretty much since I got unlimited access to internet. (Instead of the alloted 30 minutes every day when you still paid by the minute..) I know, I know, nowadays it’s pretty much viewed as the emo version of wordpress/blogger, but do remember that it wasn’t always like that. Anyway, Livejournal isn’t quite as open and viewable for everyone in the woooorld – well, unless you link to it. Then I guess it’d be pretty much the same as this place and yeaaaaaaaaah shutting up about that now.

In any case, the point here was that I’m feeling slightly intimidated and I’m not exactly sure where to begin. I have some pretty good rants in me, and I’m a somewhat opinionated girl – just ask Mits, who has to listen to me almost every day – so I’m sure they’ll come out after a while. For now, we’ll start off with some of the art that never found its’ way to Deviantart. (Or any other place except my dropbox so I could show it off on twitter)

You know this is all Mitsune's fault. He keeps badgering me into drawing worgens for him, and now I've ended up doing it every time I want a favor from him.

Look. More of them. He didn't even have to pester me about drawing this one, it just HAPPENED. I swear I was going to paint space marines, and next thing I knew...bam. Fangs.

I'm not even surprised at them appearing on my canvas anymore. I just kind of feel like this one - dejected. Sad. Hopeless. Knowing that the future consists of nothing but painting fur.

So if I make my living by drawing furry porn, ten years from now, we all know where it started. You can look at this post and nod knowingly. “She had such a bright future, before the worgens got to her…”


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Wait, what?

Okay, phew. That was a bit of break.


See, thing is, I had about..five blogs? Not counting the small comment-thing I do with every Fourth Wall-strip. All spread around, tumblr, livejournal, wordpress, you name it.


And, if you’re like me, what happens is that you start to forget about some of those, or worse, forget the passwords for some of them, and…yeah, you get.


So this is now my one, my only – which also means that I’ll actually write posts without art in them. Amazing.

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Sketchbatch, freshly out of the oven!

To make up for the lack of wow-related drawings lately, I spent the hours after raid sketching, trying to get back a feel for, well, drawing stuff from World of Warcraft.

Dwarves always look slightly retarded to me. This might have something to do with the way I draw them but I refuse to open that can of worms and goddamnit, why does my flatmate INSIST on playing one, as well as bugging me about drawings of her? Go back to your night elf already!

Cause, as you can see, I like elves. Especially if I can give them slightly tortured expressions and muted colours. Oh, the angst!

Love it.

Random girl with the WoW-headset is random. And yes, I have that headset. I’ll have you know it’s shiny and totally awesome. PURPLE LIONS!

(And you better appreciate the fact that I drew both a troll AND a tauren! In the same picture! Maybe one day I’ll learn to love drawing them.)

Apparently, rogues don’t like having eyelashes. That’s okay with me.

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