Trix of the Trade

20 Feb

Well, okay, there we go! I’ve got a blogroll-thing, the banner seems to be working (shut up Toes, my darling priest is NOT creepy, stop discriminating against buttony-eyed girls.) and I seem to be ready to get to business.

This is Trix. It’s a button-eye-drawing, which…is what I seemed to name them just now.  I love doing these, because they’re pretty easy to draw and I actually get to finish them which is new and exciting. Also, it lets me draw gnome rogues without dying. I don’t really like gnomes. Or rogues. They spend too much time killing me whenever I set my foot outside Dalaran, which is ALL THE TIME these days due to the insane lag. I swear the city is trying to kill my poor computer. It’s probably working with the rogues.

Trix runs the blog Dual Wield FTW, which he doesn’t update enough – he tries to pretend being busy with Important Stuff, but we all know what’s going on. He is…seeing other games. And not just any game, it’s another mmo. We’re really disappointed in you, Trix. Really.

I’m trying to decide if I should repost stuff from Release Spirit or not – I’m keeping the old blog up for another day or so while I close things down around there. At least one of the drawings should probably go up here.

Next up: Creepy, button-eyed Toes! (Yes, yours will be creepy. Just because it’s you.)

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