Aymee’s Hip Thrust Attack.

26 Feb

Apologies to you lot who read my blog when it was a blogspot-based thing – today is simply a re-posting.

Three or four months back, I started doing a series of…sort-of-portraits, starting with my own priest. It was supposed to be a series of all the different t10-sets, featured on my nearest and dearest. True to form, however, I never got very far, and only really finished this one. There are three or four half-finished pictures in one of my folders, but I kind of lost interest. Honestly, t10 isn’t the most interesting thing to draw, especially not when it comes to, say, hunters. (Sorry, Grim, but it’s TRUE.)

So while we wait for me to finish the big picture I’m working on now – which is taking a lot longer than expected, and all my attention and time – or maybe even do a post that has nothing to do with art at all, you can all oogle this thing.

…the danger with posting old stuff is that it’s halfway terribly embarassing because you’re painfully aware of all the stuff you would have done differently now.

Oh, and yeah, the title. One of the people I share a flat with commented that…well, apparently that’s what she’s doing in this picture. Hip thrust attacking. I’m not one to doubt his wisdom in this case, since I’m not particularly familiar with such a thing, and he sounded quite knowledgeable.

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