“Come and let us boost you!”

07 Mar

Today, I tried something new.

See, I’ve been a healer most of my wow-career. I had a few months where I took over as a hunter in TBC – and did a somewhat competent job at it too – but mostly it’s been Aymee, my priest. Sure, I’ve flirted with shadow, and I did holy for some time, but I’ve been disc when it was viable for the majority of my raids.

But I have alts. Of course. Not many of them hit the top level – at the moment, it’s just my adorable cat/bear/elf that’s eighty, so I never get to do much but run random dungeons once in a while.

Today, I woke up 15 minutes before the raid, fell in my chair, logged on, and was told that I was needed on the OTHER character. NOT my priest. She had to come tomorrow. It was vital for our progression. Could I come on Chee? Would I?

After I hesitated, I was told I shouldn’t worry about bad gear or lacking skill – “fuck that, just get boosted!”. Who can resist that?

It is now 20 minutes later and I’m standing in front of Lord Marrowgar in my tanking-gear and bear-form, waiting for our MT to log back on after a DC.

They tricked me.

The bastards.

In other news; have a small piece of that Big Picture I’m working on! It’s the only part of it that’s remotely done, and I was saving bits and pieces at full resolution (I like to work BIG.) so I would have it for later.  So yeah! Aymee! In the middle of casting a spell, too, but her hands got cut due to part of the background being wonky.

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One response to ““Come and let us boost you!”

  1. Disco

    March 8, 2010 at 3:25 am

    You did great! MOAR AYMEE TANKING! you died less than Serenity tbf.


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