Pink is my Favorite Colour!

03 Apr

…or not. I AM fond of it, but after this picture I could go a few weeks without seeing it again.

This was done for the wow artexchange over on LJ, where I took the opportunity to play around with lights and background. This may or may not have led to severe cussing and a vow to never draw again, which I promptly broke the day after I finished this picture.

I also may or may not have said “alirghiorghrughryuhg”, thrown my pencil at the wall* and declared myself done with it at seven/eight in the morning while the significant other was complaining that really, it’s time to sleep now, see the sun has come up and will go DOWN again SOON.

*Well, I would have, if I weren’t working with a tablet and holy shit those things are expensive, no way am I throwing that pen anywhere.

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One response to “Pink is my Favorite Colour!

  1. kseverny

    April 3, 2010 at 11:13 pm

    this is really good.
    a cool looking heroine


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