Sketchbatch, freshly out of the oven!

03 May

To make up for the lack of wow-related drawings lately, I spent the hours after raid sketching, trying to get back a feel for, well, drawing stuff from World of Warcraft.

Dwarves always look slightly retarded to me. This might have something to do with the way I draw them but I refuse to open that can of worms and goddamnit, why does my flatmate INSIST on playing one, as well as bugging me about drawings of her? Go back to your night elf already!

Cause, as you can see, I like elves. Especially if I can give them slightly tortured expressions and muted colours. Oh, the angst!

Love it.

Random girl with the WoW-headset is random. And yes, I have that headset. I’ll have you know it’s shiny and totally awesome. PURPLE LIONS!

(And you better appreciate the fact that I drew both a troll AND a tauren! In the same picture! Maybe one day I’ll learn to love drawing them.)

Apparently, rogues don’t like having eyelashes. That’s okay with me.

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