Fun Things About Taking Over Your SO’s Job

02 Mar

So this new job of mine…it used to be my boyfriend’s.


This has led to some hilarious moments, namely

A) Boyfriend realizing that male students who were always grumpy when he worked here, are happy and polite towards me.

B) Me getting asked by female students if the guy who used to work here has quit, while they make sad eyes. They’re also a lot grumpier towards me than they’re towards him.


And now I realize this could be interpreted as one of those “omfg goddamnit other girls like my boyfriend too how dare they must kill burn destroyyyyy”-posts. Let me assure you it’s not – I just find it funny the attitude of the students have shifted around since I started working here.

Clearly, we need to team up and both be here to ensure nothing but happy people coming by.



(Also, Rift! Yaaay!)

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