I can write if I want to!

27 Apr

There’s this thing I do, when it comes to blogs.

I start up, spending ages picking a name, fussing over the tiniest detail in the design, and spend so many hours writing down potential topics. For a few weeks, everything’s great. I post regularly. I tend to the comments-page like it was a pretty little plant I need to keep alive.* I browse other blogs, I write, I discuss and I feel accomplished.

I mean, I’m a blogger now. I’m doing it, and doing it right. Just look at those post. And I even have subscribers.

Then, inevitably, my interest gets diverted. Something pops up at work, there are exams, I get busy with something else, and thus I run out of original new posts. Trying to get back in the game gets harder and harder, and every post I write feels inherently wrong. This isn’t new! This isn’t relevant! Nor is it interesting! And that other blogger over there, who writes like he has a squadron of muses sitting around him, he already wrote about this, from this exact angle!

The situation takes a turn for the worse. My posts turn emo. Every one of them is a very misunderstood fifteen-year-old, complete with long bangs covering the eyes. They sulk at me, bang metaphorical doors and do their very best to make me hate them. These posts don’t even get published. I cringe when I reread them, and slink away with my tail between my legs.
A month or two later the blog sits there, alone. Abandoned. Nobody remembers it anymore, and nobody loves it. The comment-section is as dead as most of my plants are. I’ve forgotten the log-in info, and can’t be bothered to try to retrieve it.
Not this time. I might not be an accomplished blogger now, but by god – I draw a webcomic. It has comments. Subscribers. The comment-section grows like a tiny little jungle! It even has regular updates! I should be able to do this – I am more than a girl with the ability to draw. I can use words, can’t I? Damn right, I can. I can write.

Maybe not well, not yet, but we’ll get there. Eventually.

I’ll even try to lock up the gaggle of emo-girls, just for you guys.
…funny enough, my brain is now trying to tell me that I should not post this, under any circumstance whatsoever. There are no pictures! There are horrible spelling mistakes! It’s not even a post, it’s just an explanation of how I blog and not blog! I will not, however, be fooled. I have a strict new rule: everything gets posted.


Yes, even those posts, horribly embarrassing as they might be.

And just because I can, I might write two posts today. Hah. Take that, brain.

And apparently I can’t wordpress. I can’t get the post formatted the way I want it to, (thus the big blocks of text trying to eat your eyes.) my header stopped working properly and I’ve no idea how to set this straight. Oh, wordpress, why do you confuse me so? Help?

*Everyone knows you need plants in case of zombies. It’s important to keep your plants happy, people. Talk to them. Love them. Be one with the plant.


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4 responses to “I can write if I want to!

  1. Apple

    April 27, 2011 at 8:39 am


    I will take all your emo girls and get them ice cream and haircuts and tell them how pretty and smart they are until they’re smiling, just a little, and wearing black just because they like how it looks on them and not because they’re making a statement about the state of their heart or some such nonsense.

  2. Rades

    April 27, 2011 at 8:55 am

    Hooray! AYMS WRITINGS! Apple put it better than me, haha, but anything you write will be okay in my books, even if they are dripping with emosauce. 😉 Besides, I’m sure you exaggerate, your writing is probably perfectly fine. In fact I know it is! So get writing!

  3. Aralosseien

    April 27, 2011 at 8:58 am


    That is all. But seriously, go for it – I’m pretty sure it’ll be great whatever you write about 😀

  4. Rith

    April 27, 2011 at 9:38 pm

    My opinion?

    Needs more Alistair smut. 😉

    I am very excited to read your insights into the world. ❤


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